Book Festival Book Tag

Morning, all!

Okay, we officially have two more weeks until the big day. And thankfully today, I’m going Christmas shopping to finish up on my list.

Both Mandy and Sha from Book Princess Reviews tagged me in their original tag. I must say I’m pretty excited to do it. And as always, you’re missing out if you don’t visit their blog!

Have fun.


.x. pingback to the creator of the tag, @bookprincessreviews .x.
.x. tag the person who tagged you .x.
.x. find an answer to match each prompt .x.
.x. have fun! .x.

Author Lineup

Name your top three authors that you would like to meet.

Coralee June, Sarah J. Maas, and Kelley Armstrong (again)!


The Official Schedule

How do you determine what books you’re going to read next? 

My mood. I rarely make a TBR read list because my mood determines what I read. And sometimes, I often go from one book to the next so I can find the right book. The process is rather annoying, if you ask me.


ARC Drops

What ARC would you wait hours in line for? 

The third Six of Crows! Can you imagine getting it? I know I’d flip out if I had it in my hands.


The Swag!

What bookish merch/pre-order incentives/etc. is your favorite?

I love bookish candles, book sleeves, mugs, pins, and art prints! I love them all. I just wish that Canadians and other international readers could sign up for these incentives.


The Panels

What topic would you love to see some of your favorite authors talk about?

I would love to go to panel that talks about mental illness rep in books, especially YA books. I think mental health needs more representation.


Yallfest, Yallwest, Bookcon/BookExpo, YALC, Etc.

What book festival/con would you go to if you had the choice?

If I could, I’d go to all. But I think I’d rather go to Bookcom/BookExpo since I’ll have a better chance at seeing more authors and finding bookish deals.

I Tag

Misty | Alexandra | Darinda | Louise | Emer | Deanna | Poinsettia | Cate | Dini | Dedra | Anne | You!

8 thoughts on “Book Festival Book Tag

  1. Woo, thanks for tagging me to do this awesome tag 🙂 Your answers are basically all my answers 😂 I’m a total mood reader, I think mental health rep in books is so important and needs to be talked about more especially starting with YA audiences, and attending BookCon is on my bucket list lol


  2. What a fun tag! Thanks for tagging me! I need her to move up her plans for a third Six of Crows hahaha I just finished Crooked Kingdom and I am DESPERATE.


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