Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2019

Morning, bloggers!

Was August good to you, or are you done with summer? Either way, I’m a little sad to see it go. It wasn’t the most emotionally exciting for me (stress likes to ruin the mood), but I had a few good days though. I attended my first HarperCollins Canada Frenzy Presents, which was a big step for my blog. And I met so many great Canadian bloggers. And I went to my third FanExpo.

With everything else in my life, I’ve been steadily raising my Goodreads Challenge and getting out of the red. But I’m rather freaked out over my September TBR list. I think the new month will be a killer!

So let’s get to the post, yes?

Enjoy the read!

This month, I needed a change-up in my reading. I needed something more than just your typical YA reads. And I got that and more. And I’m glad I marked off some of my backlist books as well because you all know my TBR pile is a beast in its self. Hopefully, September will be just as exciting!

Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim


I am not surprised Elizabeth’s original literary piece is my first five-star review of the month. I truly loved being immersed in Asian culture and literature.


Queen of Ruin by Tracy Banghart


I honestly believe my expectations were a tad too high for the sequel. Don’t get me wrong though. I enjoyed it. And I love how Tracy wrapped up the series. But there were pacing issues I had problems with. And I wanted a better understanding of the history of this world.


House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig


This book is my second five-star read of the month, and I wish I were able to give it more stars. This haunting and eerie retelling is perfect for a stormy summer day. I am in love with Erin’s lyrical writing and storytelling. I cannot wait to see what this author will write next.


Lover Unbound by J. R. Ward


Vishous is one of my favourite characters in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. He’s sexually deviant but is somewhat ashamed of who he is. His love interest Jane, a doctor at the Caldwell hospital, puts him in his place. And I adore their banter. The ending made me made though.


Lover Enshrined by J. R. Ward


For the longest time, I was leery about Phury because of obsession with his brother’s wife, Bella. But you see his story and his past, and I want nothing more than to hug him and not let him go. Cormia, his destined First Mate, is the perfect female to tame him. And I loved how she transforms from a meek female to one who’ll fight for her male. Love this series!

I thought that I would buy just one one book this month. But by the end of August, I kind of slurged and binge bought several novels I’ve been eyeing. And I want to thank HarperCollins Canada for inviting me to the Frenzy Presents event and for giving me these ARCs.

I’m excited to jump into these worlds!

Don’t worry. You’re also done. So let’s make this sweet. Here are my favourite August posts from my fellow bloggers:

  • Kay from Hammock of Books brings up an important discussion topic: how reading is a hobby, not a profession for her. Even though books are my profession, I agree with her completely.
  • Kal from Reader Voracious usually ends up on my list. She convinced me to read House of Salt and Sorrows. And the way she expressed her love for one of our favourite reads of 2019 just makes me want to read it again.
  • My twin, Jess from Fiction No Chaser, gives you Fall recommendations based on your mood. Given the fact I am a mood reader, I love her picks.
  • Melanie from TBR and Beyond shows off what she got in her next Owlcrate box!
  • I don’t typically highlight weekly memes on my list. However, when I read what Lin from The Reader of a Thousand Stars wrote, I was cackling for the whole time reading this post.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2019

  1. I am so excited to see summer go with its heat and bring the fall vibes and pumpkin spice everything. I am so excited/jealous you got to go to that Harper event, I think that is so great for you and your blog!

    I am sorry about Queen of Ruin, but I guess I am glad I didn’t bother finishing the duology if you were left wanting more of an understanding on the world. But YAY for House of Salt and Sorrows, I swear that book is one of my faves of the year.


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