Top Ten Tuesday | Favourite Things to Eat/Drink while Reading

Happy Tuesday, bloggers!

Okay, this post will be short and sweet. I don’t always eat or drink when I read. I typically forget to function when I do, so I don’t have many staples I go to when I have a book in front of me. But when I get some free time, I grab these faves!

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The next prompt is a hard one. It’s all about things I drink and eat while reading.

Beware that you’ll get the munchies after this delicious post. I hope you love it!

Hot Chocolate

Autumn is almost around the corner, but hot chocolate is at the top of my list. It’s one of my go-to drinks when I’m reading or am in a bad mood. When I get a bookish movie going, have the right book in front, I know I’ll have a great night.



My choice of candy is mostly Nerds, Reese’s Pieces, or chocolate-covered raisins. As long as I can eat them with one hand, then I’m set!


Hot Cider

Like hot chocolate, I love sipping hot cider. It’s one of my favourite drinks to have during the cold season. Even though I can’t drink butterbeer, I’ll settle for this.



You don’t know the power popcorn has over me. Well, now you do. But still. I’ll find any reason to heat up some popcorn, especially if I’m in front of a roaring tv fire and a great book.



I’ve saved the best for last. I don’t always eat them when I’m reading. But the goo factor aside, I love a warm cookie. And frankly, I deserve one, or two, or three. Don’t tell my family, but I have a sweet tooth!

25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Favourite Things to Eat/Drink while Reading

  1. I don’t normally eat or drink anything while I’m reading only because I’m TERRIFIED I’ll spill something on my book or Kindle 😅 But I do love the *idea* of drinking hot chocolate while reading a HP book, if that makes sense…it’s just a very cosy idea!

    💛 Ngoc

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