End of the Year Book Tag | 2018

Hey everyone,

Everything seems to start winding down or speeding up, and I’m feeling both at the moment. I can’t imagine we’re so close to Christmas and the new year, and I still have so much more to accomplish for 2018. But I’m counting down the days for my holiday break, which is definitely needed right now.

I found this fantastic book tag on My World of Books. You need to check out Sahi’s blog. I love it! I hope you all enjoy.


Are There Any Books You Started This Year That You Need to Finish?

Oh no, not this question. During my slump, I started so many books that I lost count. But these need to be at the top of my list though.


Do You Have an Autumnal Book to Transition into the End of the Year?

Typically, I don’t. I’m such a mood reader and don’t usually reread books anymore.


Is There a New Release That You’re Still Waiting For?

I’ve waited for these books for such a long time, but I’m scared to read them, especially QOAAD, which will just bring pain, misery, and tears.


What Are Three Books You Want to Read before the End of the Year?

I literally do not have the time to attempt these titles, but I don’t care. I need some binge-reading right now.


Is There a Book You Think Could Still Shock You and Become a Favourite of the Year?

You all know I’m a huge fan of historical fiction set in WWII. I’ve read nothing but stellar reviews for this book, and I cannot wait to dive into it.


Have You Already Started Making Reading Plans for 2019?

Of course! I hope to do more buddy reads, read more books (others than just the 50 for my Goodreads challenge), get into more romance novels, take more risks with my blog and not freak out when I do them, and take the plunge with Instagram, which intimidates me more than you’ll ever believe.

Tag Time!

You know the deal: if you feel pressured to squeeze this book tag into your already tight schedule, by all means, don’t be. You aren’t obligated to do it. If you want to, or if I haven’t tagged you in this, then go ahead. But link back to my post. I’d love to see what you’ve done!

Taylor ❄️ Kim ❄️ Sara ❄️ Kay ❄️ Rebecca ❄️ Rachel ❄️ Mogsy ❄️ Nina ❄️ Christine ❄️ Kelly ❄️ Leslie

9 thoughts on “End of the Year Book Tag | 2018

  1. Thanks so much for tagging me, love!! Sadie isn’t the biggest book, but it backs a mega punch! I truly hope you get to that one sooner than later, but I wish you luck no matter what the reading mood picks! =D

    Happy reading!


  2. Thanks so much for the tag, love! I’m really looking forward to doing this one 🙂 I’m so excited for Evermore as well! And the good news about Sadie is that it’s a pretty quick read. I hope you enjoy several more books before the year ends ❤


  3. Thanks so much for tagging me! Kingdom of Ash is on my list to read before the end of the year too, but first I need to get through Tower of Dawn and Empire of Storms. (I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but I’m going to try!!)


  4. Ugh, yes to Queen of Air and Darkness. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever, but on the other side I.. also kind of forgot a LOT about the previous two books? So I feel like I might just wait until I reread EVERYTHING before picking up Queen of Air and Darkness.. I don’t know.. :’)

    Girls of Paper and Fire! ❤ I hope you get that binge-reading time in so you can pick up that one for sure. I recently bought a copy of Sadie, so I'm kind of very eager to read it as well but.. it'll probably be 2019 before I do, haha.


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