Movies That Get Me in the Christmas Spirit

You know, I had created an entire month’s worth of blog posts in my mind, but I forgot to get to them. Yeah, I didn’t plan that idea out well, now did I? So I’m trying, but failing, to catch up on that list. And how do I pull that off? Make a list.

Like Halloween, Christmas is one of my favourite holidays. I rarely celebrate any other ones. So you’ll quickly figure out that I own a large collection of Christmas-themed movies. So to kick off Christmas Eve, I’ll highlight the top six movies I love watching during Christmas.


A Christmas Carol

I have watched almost every single movie adaptation. But Jim Hensen’s and Jim Carrey’s are my favourites though. Jim Hensen has a way of making an old tale new, and Jim make you fall in love with a cherished tale.


Die Hard

You cannot make it through Christmas without watching Die Hard. I have watched it countless times, but once John starts complaining, I have a huge grin plastered on my face. How can you celebrate Christmas unless you watch Hans Gruber fall from the Nakatomi Plaza building?


The Nightmare before Christmas

Yes, yes. I know I’ve used this movie in a Halloween list. But it works for both holidays. You can fight me on this, but it is. That reason is why I adore this quirky movie. I remember watching it in the theatre, and I can’t imagine not wanting to watch it when the snow falls.


Christmas Vacation

I have to admit: When I was a kid, I hated this movie. I was the kid in the back of that car, wanting nothing more than to go back home so I wouldn’t have to spend more time with my annoying family members. But I think I relate to Clark more as I grow older.


The Holiday

I am not into romcoms. No. Nope. No way. And yet, here I am gushing over one. But I don’t care right now. I don’t know what convinced me to watch it, but I remember I connected with Iris (Kate Winslet’s character). And somehow this goofy yet charming flick warmed the darker parts of my heart.


Rise of the Guardians

Can I call this a Christmas movie? I’m not sure. But I always watch it during the holidays. I may have a slight (huge) crush on Jack Frost, and that reason might be why. But I love all the characters and the way they bring their specialties and holidays together. And frankly, I can’t get over the elves and the Sandman.

3 thoughts on “Movies That Get Me in the Christmas Spirit

  1. Rise of the Guardians is such an amazing movie!! And I love the Muppets Christmas Carol too. I recommend another Muppets movie for you: Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. We used to watch it when I was really little and I loved it so much!! x


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