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Morning, everyone,

Lately, I haven’t been blogging regularly, but I hope to start up again. So it’s another tag post! Sara from Bibliophagist didn’t tag me myself, but I couldn’t resist. You know me. Please don’t forget to follow and visit her blog!

Have fun reading.


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Sadie Hawkins day: First Saturday

a female character who takes her fate in her own hands

I loved reading Riley’s story. She’s thrown into a dangerous life and doesn’t know who to trust, but she somehow takes control of her own life.


Guy Fawkes Night: November 5

a plot that was stopped at the last minute

I expected the entire book to be about the Maia aiming to win the contest. But that plot took a turn that I didn’t see coming. I loved the twist!


Saxophone Day: November 6

a character with an uncommon hobby

Tristan, Séverin’s brother, possesses a plant-based forging talent. So of course, he adores taking care of his plants. I never expected to see that in a YA book.


World Kindness Day: November 13

a villain who is changed by kindness

Nova hasn’t completely changed. She’s still an Anarchist who’s looking for revenge. But I love her internal struggle.


Use Less Stuff Day: November 18

a character who gives up something in their life (i.e. a dream, a possession)

One particular character who I won’t name gives up their treasured possession. And I bloody well bawled when I got to that character arc.


Start Your Own Country Day: November 22

a book with its own land/world

My copy just came in, and I’m freaking. Elfhame may be one of the most intriguing faerie lands I’ve ever read.

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7 thoughts on “Remember November Book Tag

  1. Thanks for tagging me! I’ll be sure to do this one soon. Some of these prompts are more challenging so I’ll have to think about it 🙂


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