Top Ten Tuesday | Books by My Favourite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read


Happy, Tuesday!

How are we at the end of September?! Anyways, I swear this topic is laughing at me as I write about it. I’ve lost count of all the books and series I need to finish. It’s not funny. Not anymore.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. This week’s topic promotes your favourite authors’ books you still need to read. And since my TBR pile has a life of its own, I’ll just show a few, or this list will eat me alive. Enjoy!


Wonder Woman

Don’t kill me, please. Yes, I’ve read Nightwalker and Soustealer, but I forgot about Warbringer. Again, don’t kill me. I feel bad enough. 😰 I’ve been dying to crack open this gorgeous book, but I tend to choose the most recent releases to read, then ignore the older titles.


The Caged Queen

If I don’t get enough dragons in this sequel, I’m revolting. I truly am. I’ll be that salty. Even though I’ve read only one of Kristen’s book, she’s an insta-buy author for me now. I couldn’t get enough of the Last Namsara. The worldbuilding sold me, but the storytelling kept me.


Wires and Nerve

I love this series so much, but I fell behind on it though. Originally, I thought it was over. But Marissa surprised us all by expanding it into graphic novels. Hopefully, Wires and Nerve is just as magical and dorky as TLC.


Throne of Glass Series

I swear, I’m purposely delaying to read the rest of this series because the finale book scares me more than I can possibly imagine. I want all my babies to survive. But you know how Sarah likes to kill off great characters. However, I need more Rowaelin, Aedion, Lysandra, Dorian, and Manon.

So let’s all take a breath before Kingdom of Ash comes out, or we’ll be blubbering messes by the end.


The Young Elites

When I first picked up Warcross, I never read Marie’s previous series. Sure I’ve heard a lot about her, but I wasn’t drawn to any of them. But now, I am. I love her writing style and the way she spins her stories. And I can’t resist a great dystopian sci-fi book. How did you like reading this series?


The Villains Series

Do you know how odd I am as a book buyer? I pre-order Vengeful before I even bought, or read, Vicious. Does that thinking make any sense No. Clearly not. But I love anti-heroes, magic, betrayal, revenge, and good old deception.

47 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Books by My Favourite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read

  1. I am also woefully behind on Throne of Glass but my sister and I decided to buddy read the series so I guess I’ll catch up soon(ish). And Wires and Nerve is super cute & will take you about an hour to read. (For me it was over too quickly!). Happy Reading!! ❤


    • Ahaha..ha. I’m right there with you. I’m stuck in Assassin’s Blade and am taking so long to read it. I just want to get to Empire of Storms already. 😭 I wish you luck! You’ll have better chance than I do.

      Ahh, that’s awesome. I hope it’s as just great as the other books.

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  2. Oh no! You most certainly are NOT alone with being an odd book worm haha! I pre-ordered The Owlcrate Vengeful box w/out having read Vicious yet hehe!I also have to get to Wonder Woman & Tower of Dawn. Wishing us both luck & happy reading! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. You: “The worldbuilding sold me, but the storytelling kept me.”


    Also, I think I need to applaud you for having read #2 and #3 in a series, but not #1 [although you can definitely read them as standalones, it’s just funny how you haven’t read Wonder Woman yet, haha!]


      • Hahaha. Well, in that case, I really should’ve read The Last Namsara already because draaagons. The only dragon-related book I read this year [I think] is Before She Ignites and that was just.. sigh..

        Hahaha, I can imagine! I’m curious about the Superman-one. Don’t know the author, hadn’t heard of him before either so I’ve no clue what to expect.

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      • Ugh, I hate when a book is disappointing. I was interested in that series, but the reviews aren’t tempting me enough.

        Same. Superman isn’t my favourite character either, so I’m not sure what to downy that sequel.

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      • Right? I won an Owlcrate edition of the book and was even more disappointed with the book because of that. I didn’t even want to keep the thing? :’)

        After commenting about the Superman-novel on here, someone told me the author’s been accused of assault and stuff so I already took it off my TBR. :’)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh boo. That one is still on my TBR. Guess it’ll stay on there for a little while longer now.

        Eh, you decide that for yourself. I simply have this thing where I don’t even want to own books by authors that’ve been accused of such things. :’)

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