Top Ten Tuesday | Favourite Books Released in the Last Decade

Morning, readers!

I got sidetrack when The Hot Zone came on TV. So I’m not surprised I’ll have another late night. My body may hate me when I wake up though.

Top Ten Tuesday, originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a weekly meme. The last topic of the month is books released in the last decade.

I knew not being thorough with my Goodreads account would bite me in the ass someday. And that day has arrived. I joined Goodreads in 2015, so I’m going off the books’ release dates, not the year I read them.

I hope you love the post!

2010 | The Reckoning

Even after all these years, I still love the Darkest Powers. My OTP not only happened but also thrived, and I still squee over them.


2011 | Angelfall

You don’t know how much I had to read the sequel after I finished Angelfall. I couldn’t rave about it enough. Angels coming down to Earth, experimenting on humans, and budding forbidden love? I was sold instantly.


2012 | Shadow and Bone

I hesitated starting the series. I had high expectations after I finished reading Six of Crows. And while I enjoyed most of it, I believe Shadow and Bone is my favourite.


2013 | Omens

I fell hard for Cainsville and all the intriguing characters with complex backstories.


2014 | Cress

I loved Cresswell before reading the Lunar Chronicles. You don’t know how much I adored reading this book.


2015 | Queen of Shadows

Other than Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows is on the top of my list. The worldbuilding and character development are superb. And this is when I championed hard for Rowaelin.


2016 | And I Darken

I can’t forget Lada, our stab-happy heroine who likes nothing more than to kill, maim, and destroy.


2017 | The Tiger’s Ambush

Af first, I hated Austin. Well, I strongly disliked him. But over time, I grew to like him. But I can’t deny that I fell in love with this cocky bastard after I read Tiger’s Ambush.


2018 | Sunshine and Bullets

The Bullets are the ultimate book boyfriends. I can’t stop thinking about the series. Reverse harem is tricky in some genres, but Coralee somehow makes it work in a dark romance and crime combo.


2019 | The Gilded Wolves

I’m glad this title is the first Roshani book I’ve ever read. Decadence and magic blend together in this enchanting new heist title.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Favourite Books Released in the Last Decade

  1. Cress was maybe my favorite Lunar Chronicles book too. Then again, I find myself saying that about all of them!


  2. I really need to read The Gilded Wolves. I’ve heard so many people say they love it! I adored A Crown of Wishes by Chokshi, the hate-to-love was done so well!!


  3. Yeah, Goodreads made putting my list together much easier, though once you go back into 2011 and 2010, my stats started getting really spotty as I wasn’t as good with keeping my profile up to date back then, haha! I loved Angelfall, and I still need to read that Kelley Armstrong series. Thus far I’ve only read her thrillers, but something tells me I’ll probably love her fantasy as well.


  4. Great list! I found this one challenging because I don’t normally pay attention to the publication dates/years. But I looked at Goodreads’ top books released in those years and checked what I read 😅 I love the Lunar Chronicles and ToG series!


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