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Morning, everyone!

I am so excited for the weekend. My friends and I went to an early viewing of IT: Chapter 2. I jumped, I laughed, and I enjoyed it, even if I wanted nothing more than to burn the clown.

Nish and Ngoc from Nish and Ngoc’s Book Nook created this tag, and I thought I’d give it try! I want to thank these two for tagging me!

I hope you like the post. Have a great weekend, readers!


  • Link back to the original creator of the book tag (that’s us!)
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  • TAG AS MANY SWIFTIES AS YOU WANT! (Or non-Swifties, maybe inspire them to listen to our Queen)


I Forgot That you Existed | A Book That You Want to Forget You Ever Read

I feel as if I’ve wasted my time with this book. I truly do. I was hoping for storytelling, and all I got was a screenplay.


Cruel Summer | A Book You Turn to When the Going Gets Rough

This book is one title that I’ll always find my way back to it. It has gotten me through my toughest times in life.


Lover | Your Book OTP

Right now, it’s Serpent & Dove! I adore Lou and Reid’s relationship. Enemy-to-lovers trope is to die for.


The Man | Your Fave Kick-Ass Female Protagonist

Okay, this one has two female protagonists who kick ass.


The Archer | A Book with Good Mental Representation

I’ve heard from several different readers that Kalyn gives readers a wonderful depression rep in her book. And I cannot wait to read it.


I Think He Knows | Your Fave Fictional Crush

I always have to go for the mysterious, broody male. I want to smack and throttle Dante, but then I go all mushy when he’s in a scene. So I have no backbone.


Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince | Fave Angsty Romance

I don’t know if I want to kick Emma and Jules or hug them.


Paper Rings | A Book with an Ugly Cover That You Absolutely Adore

I didn’t adore the book, but I expected a better cover though.


Cornelia Street | A Book or Series You Never Want(ed) to End

Honestly, one reason why I haven’t finished the series is because I don’t want it to end. I don’t.


Death by a Thousand Cuts | A Book or Series That Deserved a Better Ending

I wish the ending is different than what it is. But I know it’s not my story to tell. I hated it the ending. However, I’m proud the author took that route.


London Boy | Your Fave British Male Protagonist

Hello, William Herondale. 😉


Soon You’ll Get Better | A Book That Your Heart Will Never Recover From

I’m not okay at finishing this book. I’m not. I love how Elizabeth weaves a tale. It’s one own voices story you need to read.


False God | A Character You Would Leap into the Burning Pits of Hell to Save

I’m talking about you, Silas. Yup, that little demon.


You Need to Calm Down | A Book with a Powerful Message

This may be a given, but fighting for your rights, even when you’re up against everything, is worth fighting for.


Afterglow | A Book You Want to Give a Second Chance

This answer is more for the series. I’m still not sure when or if I’ll read this book. However, I’m willing to give it a second chance.


ME! | Best Character Development

I’ll give this feat to both Phury and Zsadist. Both of them went through hell and have suffered since. I loved how these two males transformed into characters I respect.


It’s Nice to Have a Friend | Fave Friends-to-Lovers

Savannah and Adam may be one of my favourite couples in Kelley’s first series.


Story Daylight | If You Could Read One Book or Series Again and Again, What Would It Be?

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6 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Lover Book Tag

  1. Ohmygosh thank you so much for doing this tag, Siobhan!! And we LOVED your responses!!! 😍 ADDING SERPENT & DOVE TO OUR NEVERENDING TBR BC THE ENEMIES-TO-LOVERS TROPE IS OUR JAM!! Also frantically noting your recommendations down left, right & centre! And lordy lord, totally agree with you about Emma & Jules! One of the angstiest romances by far, even by Cassie Clare standards 😂

    💜 Nish & Ngoc


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